Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Biking the Hiawatha

Just west of Couer D'Alene is a 17 mile bicycle route that weaves you through train tunnels and what used to be train trussells. It is a rails to trails project that has breathe-taking views. The first tunnel was 2 miles long and required flashlights and jackets to cycle through. It was dark, damp, and quite an extraordinary build for its day. Quinn our eight year old rode his bike the entire way. We bribed him to keep going at the end. It is a very slight decline the entire way and they shuttle you back to the top at the end. You can rent bikes and flashlights at the ticket office. This is a ride that I have dreamt about doing for years.


Carrie said...

Oh my word, that looks AMAZING!!! Especially if I could be in the bike trailer and not peddaling myself! ha ha ha! Seriously though, beautiful country!

The Porter's said...

My sister and her family has done this same bike trail. They loved it. I'd really like to try it out sometime. What fun things you all do together as a family.

Carl and Pat said...

You do such great things with your boys! Looks like great memories have been made.